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7 Reasons to Book a Silent Disco ASAP

silent discoSome of our younger visitors might not remember the discos from the 80s - crazy loud, tremendously fun, and filled with many things that, quite frankly, are better left unwritten.

Whether you are a music aficionado or not, there are times in your life that you will have to share the room - and the music - with a bunch of other people. Here's why opting for a Silent Disco instead of a regular sound system could be the high point of your party.

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Book a Silent Headphone Disco Kit Today!

silent-disco-hire-melbourne-mobile-dance-ultima-musicFor the very fist time in Ireland, you can now book your own Silent Disco Kit and get it delivered direct to your door, stress-free. We provide a full range of Silent Hire packages, so if you’re looking for a dry hire service, just to rent the kit, BOOKA – Silent Disco is more than capable to suit your preferences and needs.

Our concept is simple, to offer you the best direct prices on renting a silent disco system. We will courier direct to your door and provide the headphones, strong transmitters , linking cables to i-pads and mobiles and laptops spare new batteries. Continue reading Book a Silent Headphone Disco Kit Today!