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Silent Disco Party – Quick Guide & FAQs

Silent Disco is basically a party with wireless headsets but there is so much more to it! When you are planning a party, whether is a Birthday, a Wedding or even a Corporate Event there are several things you need to take into consideration. Regarding the entertainment the most relevant are: music genre, curfew, equipment necessary, volume limitations at the venue and budget.

The beauty of Silent Disco is that it checks all the boxes when it comes to party planning conundrums, this entertainment option can be booked for any stage of your event as it is very versatile too.

Check out below why you should book a Silent Disco for your next party and the most relevant questions answered by our team of experts:

No Curfew!

The first you must know about the Silent Disco is that allows for the party to keep going late into the night as the music is being played through the wireless headsets.

Crowd Pleaser!

The Silent Disco system allows for two playlists at the same time, so you don't have to worry about choosing a genre of music that pleases everyone.

DIY Budget Friendly!

As the Silent Disco is a kit you can book without a DJ you can save a few bucks from your budget. The Do it Yourself option can be used with any device.


How do I Book Silent Disco?

In order to book the Silent Disco you just need to go through a 60 sec process on in order to give us your party details: venue location, date, time slot, number of headsets needed... Once you you receive confirmation and pay the 10% deposit fee your entertainment is booked!!

What do I get?

The Silent Disco Kit includes:

  • Required number of headsets
  • Spare batteries
  • 2 transmitters (with cables)

Note: you have to provide your own music device (mp3 player, tablet, laptop, mobile...).

How does it work?

This is the easiest system to work out yourself, but we will give you further instructions.

The basic is that you have two transmitters connected to two music devices, each transmitter will be set to one channel. The headsets have a button to change channels whenever you want and a volume controller. Prepare your own playlist to suit your audience and then just dance the night away!