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7 Reasons to Book a Silent Disco ASAP

silent discoSome of our younger visitors might not remember the discos from the 80s - crazy loud, tremendously fun, and filled with many things that, quite frankly, are better left unwritten.

Whether you are a music aficionado or not, there are times in your life that you will have to share the room - and the music - with a bunch of other people. Here's why opting for a Silent Disco instead of a regular sound system could be the high point of your party.

1. The atmosphere

As soon as you walk into the venue, the energy in the room is... palpable. You are surrounded by people who are just as excited about the party as you. It's an excellent time for you to unwind after a week of hard work, and in the company of good music it can be immensely enjoyable.

2. The music is your music

A huge advantage over classic sound systems is that the concept of Silent Disco is individual. You don't have to listen to what everyone else is listening; the headsets can operate on different playlists, allowing people with different tastes in artists and genres to dance together without making compromises.

3. The sound quality

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that a pair of high end over-the-ear headphones absolutely blow out of the water a set of speakers in terms of sound quality.

Don't get us wrong - there are some truly astonishing sound systems out there. As an entertainment agency, all that moves in the world of music is highly familiar to us. But headphones have the huge benefit of proximity.

Stay too close to a professional sound system and the volume will make you sick. Stay too far away and the sound fidelity withers. With headphones, the distance between the speakers and your ears is constant and the path of the sound is strictly controlled - which leads to a better experience overall.

Also, it's not like we went out and bought the cheapest headphones and called it a day. The headsets we provide are audiophile-grade equipment with excellent sound signature, are lightweight and provide maximum comfort for extended listening sessions.

4. The novelty of a Silent Disco

We live in a world of constant innovation in the entertainment industry, where new brilliant idea pop up every day for your enjoyment. The concept of Silent Disco arose from the people's need to party without inconveniencing the neighbours - but it ended up being much more than that.

Instead of an alternative full of unpleasant trade-offs and concessions, it is a unique experience that we'd recommend anyone to try at least once.

5. The cost of renting a Headphone Disco Kit

You can rent a Silent Disco Kit from only € 125 through our website, the price increasing with the number of headphones that you require.

6. Sign language optional

The loud music that's constantly played at conventional parties requires you to use body language or a trip outside in order to communicate with a friend.

With a Silent Disco, the music is a barrier you can easily overcome; just take off your headset for a couple of seconds.

7. The often overlooked advantage of volume control

If you hate the fact that 95% of clubs nowadays play music at eardrum-shattering levels and give you a headache and constant ringing in your ear for the next day or so, then you'll be pleased to hear that our headphones come with handy volume buttons. This way, if you develop tinnitus or any kind of hearing loss... well, then it's entirely your fault.

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