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Product Description

Nationwide Delivery

Delivery and collection in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Wicklow and the rest of Ireland.

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9AM - 5PM

We deliver & collect to your door between 9AM - 5PM.

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Silent Headphone Hire - Silent Disco Rental

Silent Disco is a fantastic entertainment alternative when you don't want to bother your neighbours while still enjoying loud, tasteful music with your friends!

Booking a Silent Headphone Disco has never been easier! Quiet Clubbing and Silent Headphone Parties are taking off nationwide. Hire 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and up to a whopping 5000+ Wireless Headphones and party into the early hours with no noise complaints. Easy to set-up, simply plug and play, ready to work in only 5 minutes.

Silent Disco is a unique new idea brought to Ireland by the BOOKA Network. We can supply any number of headsets that are comfortable, lightweight, and - most importantly - provide an amazing sound quality.

You bring your music, we deliver the complete silent headphone system to your front door. BOOKA - Silent Disco offers the ultimate party experience for your guests. Perfect for a small family get-together and for all private parties and events. Book your Silent Headphone Disco with confidence!

Book a Silent Disco

Your Party, Your Music

  • Be your own DJ! 
  • Plug in your iPad or mobile phone.
  • Play your own favourite tracks all night long.
  • Perfect for kids birthday parties, disco events.
  • No noise restrictions, it's "SILENT"!
  • Complete Kit & system includes the Delivery, Collection, Headphones, Transmitters, 2x New Batteries per headset, and all cables required. 
  • Book today, save 30% on your Mute Party!

The Disco in Action

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Derek Daniels from Asset Model Agency and Caroline Barry from 'ThinknBlink'

Derek Daniels


We were looking for new ideas to welcome guests to our corporate event, the guys nailed it and really delivered on their promise. We had our brand logo inserted into the show which was a real wow factor effect, highly recommend to anyone looking for a really cool fresh new idea.


John O'Brian


We were delighted with the Digital Fire performers, and being able to insert the Award winners' images into the show was incredible.


Fidelma Quinn


It's incredible in the dark, the way they light up needs to be seen live. It was 100% safe so we used it indoors in the hotel which was always an issue previously with real fire.

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Silent Disco

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Silent Disco rental services Nationwide in Ireland, for party organisers who want something unique.
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