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Book a Silent Headphone Disco Kit Today!

silent-disco-hire-melbourne-mobile-dance-ultima-musicFor the very fist time in Ireland, you can now book your own Silent Disco Kit and get it delivered direct to your door, stress-free. We provide a full range of Silent Hire packages, so if you’re looking for a dry hire service, just to rent the kit, BOOKA – Silent Disco is more than capable to suit your preferences and needs.

Our concept is simple, to offer you the best direct prices on renting a silent disco system. We will courier direct to your door and provide the headphones, strong transmitters , linking cables to i-pads and mobiles and laptops spare new batteries.

Silent Disco Rental Ireland

If you have stumbled upon our BOOKA site by accident you may be wondering what a Silent Disco actually is and entails. Sit down, relax and allow for us to guide you through all the details necessary and then if you like what you read, you’ll be given the option to book your own Silent Headphone Party right here, online, without having to deal with an abundance of back and forth emails or phone calls. To suit your event we of course endeavour to offer precisely what you are looking for, allowing for a hassle-free booking process and the result of an EXCELLENT Silent Disco Bash.

Whether you are planning a big extravagant function or a small private get together we are certain we have the right amount of headphones to keep all your guests happy and entertained. A Silent Headphone Disco is truly exceptional fun, unique and free of noise restrictions, which is always a bonus for neighbouring businesses or houses that you wouldn’t want to keep up all night and may fear complaining – concluding in the party to be forced to shut down much earlier than hoped. It sure can be disheartening having gone through a lot of effort and time to offer your guests an amazing party to only be asked to finish the celebrations by midnight.

With a Silent Disco, you can erase all of the above-mentioned worries imminently and instead worry about your guests having too much fun until the very early hours of the next day with no noise issues.

You may be planning an utterly different event where noise restriction doesn’t come into account but you are hoping to block out the ambient noise in order to get your own “message” across. You may be holding a video presentation at an exhibition in the RDS or CCD , or a live recording with your choir and are looking to hire headphones to shut out all the background noise – BOOKA – Silent Disco is happy to offer our silent headphones for you in said case also of course.

With BOOKA you won’t experience any waiting around – book & pay instantly with just a few clicks ONLINE!